I bring my journey to life on stages across the world, captivating audiences from wide-eyed students to driven entrepreneurs and seasoned executives. My talks are a candid look behind the curtain of my life’s work, tailored to ignite the spark of possibility in each listener.

I offer the following keynotes:

Entrepreneurial Beginnings

I was just 15 when a love for wildlife and a spark of ambition led me to start Latest Sightings. It was more than starting a business; it was about crafting a vision into a movement. I walk through the highs and lows of building a venture from the ground up, sharing the raw and real side of entrepreneurship.

My first talk ever

The Intersection of Wildlife and Tech

I tell the story of shaping the world’s leading wildlife crowd-sourcing app and how it redefines our connection with nature. It's about the challenges and victories in leveraging technology to conserve the beauty around us and enhancing our interactions with the wild.

Building Communities, Turning Passions into Careers

Community is at the core of what I do. I discuss how nurturing a network of like-minded individuals can turn a singular passion into a collective enterprise. My aim is to show that with the right approach, your interests can unite people, create dialogue, and even support livelihoods.

Leading with Innovation

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, I share how intuition and creativity are just as important as code and algorithms. As someone who’s crafted software out of curiosity and necessity, I dive into what it takes to lead in the tech space and how innovation is a continual journey of learning and adapting.

Q&As and Panel Discussions

I also welcome the spontaneous energy of panel talks and Q&As. It’s an opportunity to connect, answer the unscripted questions, and share unguarded moments of insight. It’s where the conversation gets personal, and where the most impactful connections are made.