About me

I am Nadav Ossendryver, the creative force behind LatestSightings.com, a platform that began as a curious teenager's dream and blossomed into the world's premier wildlife crowd-sourcing app. My journey began in Johannesburg, where, amidst the rhythm of the city, my passion for the wild found its digital expression. This journey was academically enriched through getting a matric from King David Linksfield High School with six distinctions, which I carried into higher education. At the University of the Witwatersrand, I pursued an economics and investment degree, graduating with distinction while simultaneously nurturing Latest Sightings into a globally recognized brand.

Latest Sightings has redefined the intersection of nature and the digital landscape, achieving unparalleled global reach and captivating audiences worldwide with over 5 billion views across various platforms every year. This innovative venture has not only connected wildlife enthusiasts but has also created a unique economic ecosystem where both guides and tourists can monetize their wildlife footage. By sharing their extraordinary encounters through our platform, contributors can gain international exposure and earn revenue, turning magical moments into opportunities for financial reward. This symbiotic relationship between the platform, its contributors, and the audience fuels the growth of a community where the love for wildlife translates into tangible benefits for all.

With a mind honed by rigorous studies and a heart stirred by the call of the wild, I embarked on a mission to share the untamed beauty of South African parks. My two decades of exploration are not just about the thrill of the safari but a testament to a life dedicated to understanding these ecosystems. As I learned the parks better and better, I started getting requests for tips and guidance for tourists who have never visited these parks before. I leverage the latest technology, including signal boosters and thermal cameras, to guarantee my guests more than a sighting; I offer them an encounter with the soul of Africa. 

With my expertise firmly rooted in the African wilderness, my pursuit of nature's marvels has propelled me beyond the borders of South Africa. In India, I ventured into the dense jungles, seeking the enigmatic gaze of the Bengal tiger; in the United States, I traced the silent footsteps of bears in their natural habitat; and in the ethereal landscapes of Norway, I bore witness to the celestial dance of the Northern Lights. Each journey was a pilgrimage in its own right, expanding my role as a guide and a storyteller to an international stage. This global trek has not only broadened my horizons but has also enriched the tapestry of experiences I offer through Latest Sightings, allowing our community to savor a world of wildlife through my eyes.

In parallel with guiding safaris, I channeled my dissatisfaction with existing tech solutions into learning to code, allowing me to personally elevate the Latest Sightings app to a user-rated 4.6 stars, up from 2 stars. A self-taught skill has since grown into a side endeavor where I relish in creating software that turns imagination into innovation.

Recognized by Forbes, celebrated with the World Summit Award, and other accolades, I've conversed with presidents and princes, all the while remaining true to my core values: to inspire, to innovate, and to invite the world to connect with the wilderness in ways they never imagined possible.