Forbes Under 30 Lister

Landing a spot on the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list was nothing short of surreal—a whirlwind of excitement that took me from the vast landscapes of Africa to the bustling streets of America. Being the youngest on the list at the time was both an honor and a humbling reminder of where my journey with Latest Sightings had brought me.

The experience was more than just a nod to my achievements; it was an invitation to a world I had only dreamed of. I found myself jet-setting across continents, rubbing shoulders with visionaries and change-makers, attending conferences that felt like glimpses into the future. Each event was a melting pot of ideas, ambitions, and inspiring stories, a place where the boundaries of what I thought possible were pushed further with every conversation.

But perhaps the most pivotal moment came when I was asked to speak at the inaugural Forbes Africa 30 under 30 summit in Botswana. Standing alongside giants like Patrice Motsepe, and in the presence of Botswana's president, I shared my story. It was an experience that transcended the personal achievement of being listed; it was a testament to the power of youth, innovation, and the boundless potential that lies in our passion for change. This journey wasn't just about celebrating what I had done; it was about inspiring what could be done next, not just by me, but by every young dreamer looking to make their mark on the world.