Meet Nadav

Nadav Ossendryver is an accomplished entrepreneur and the founder of, the preeminent wildlife crowd-sourcing app that’s shaping the future of national park experiences worldwide. His commitment to wildlife conservation and technological innovation led him from a passionate teenager to a trailblazing CEO, celebrated for creating the most viewed South African YouTube channel with over 2 billion views.

A graduate with distinction in economics and investment from the University of the Witwatersrand, Nadav also designs programs and software, complementing his entrepreneurial ventures. He's a captivating speaker, often invited to share his story and insights on turning passions into businesses at schools and corporations.

Nadav's conservation efforts are globally recognized, from presenting the World Youth Wildlife Declaration in Hanoi to spearheading anti-poaching initiatives. His accolades include Forbes Africa 30 under 30 and recognition by the UN-based World Summit Award.

His advocacy extends beyond wildlife, seen in his humanitarian aid to Kruger National Park staff. Nadav has engaged with global figures, including President Obama and Prince Harry, on conservation and tourism, underscoring his influence in ecological and entrepreneurial spheres.


I am an engaging speaker who captures audiences around the world, offering insights and inspiration to a diverse range of listeners from students and budding entrepreneurs to experienced professionals. My keynote speeches cover:

My Entrepreneurial Journey

At the tender age of 15, I was driven by my passion for wildlife to create what would become a globally recognized platform. I have since been deeply involved in meaningful conservation work, all while charting my path through the business world as a young entrepreneur.

Wildlife and Technology

I will share the story of how Latest Sightings evolved into the world's largest wildlife crowd-sourcing app, fundamentally changing the way we experience wildlife and driving forward conservation efforts through innovative technology.

Community Building and Passion Projects

I speak on the power of community in both business and conservation efforts, illustrating how anyone can turn a personal passion into a thriving enterprise that resonates with a wide audience.

Leadership and Innovation

As a hobbyist developer of programs and software, I reflect on what it means to be a leader in a world increasingly driven by technology and innovation, and how these tools can be harnessed to advance our businesses and personal projects.

Social Media Consulting

I have honed the craft of growing an online presence, as evidenced by my expansive digital reach with 7 million followers on TikTok, nearly 5 million subscribers on YouTube, over 5 million followers on Facebook, and nearly a million on Instagram. My proficiency in content creation and audience engagement is second to none. Through my consulting services, I provide practical insights on:

Content Virality

I teach how to create content that resonates with audiences and achieves widespread circulation, using my own success with viral wildlife videos as case studies.

Platform Mastery

I unravel the intricacies of different social media algorithms and user behaviors, helping you tailor your approach to each platform to expand your visibility.

Community Engagement

I guide on building a devoted community by encouraging genuine interactions and nurturing shared enthusiasm.

Brand Storytelling

I share strategies for using narrative to forge a compelling brand identity that captures and keeps an audience’s attention.

Monetization Strategies

I offer advice on how to effectively profit from your social media footprint while staying true to your values and maintaining authenticity.

My consultancy is designed to assist individuals and brands in scaling their social media presence, drawing from my extensive experience in forging a worldwide community engaged in wildlife and conservation.

Wildlife Guide

My passion for wildlife isn't confined to the digital world—it thrives in the untamed beauty of Kruger National Park and Pilanesberg Game Reserve. With 20 years of exploration and in-depth study in these parks, I offer more than just guided trips; I provide a portal to the adventure of a lifetime. Join me, and together we'll embark on a safari like no other, with a near-certain chance to witness the magnificent big cats in their natural habitat.

My extensive knowledge of the parks' ecosystems and a seasoned tracker's keen instincts are only the beginning. I leverage cutting-edge technology like signal boosters and thermal cameras, surpassing what any other guide can offer, to maximize our chances of spotting the elusive big cats. With me, you're not just on a safari; you're on a quest for the ultimate photo opportunities, an immersion in the raw and exhilarating beauty of the wild.

Each journey promises not just sightings but an education in the delicate intricacies of these majestic creatures' lives. It's not just a trip; it's a chance to capture moments that few ever experience, framed in the perfect light, against the breathtaking backdrop of Africa. This is more than a safari—it's an intersection of passion, expertise, and the sheer thrill of discovery, promising encounters that will echo in your memories forever.


My passion for wildlife and technology extends beyond content creation and into the realm of software development. Dissatisfied with the outcomes from various development companies, I took it upon myself to learn programming. This journey led me to redevelop the Latest Sightings app from the ground up, transforming it from a 2-star application to a highly rated platform with a 4.6 out of 5 score on app stores. This revamped version now efficiently facilitates real-time sharing of wildlife sightings, managing interactions among hundreds of thousands of users seamlessly.

But my coding adventures didn't stop there. For fun, and to challenge myself further, I've designed WhatsApp bots capable of transcribing voice notes into text, developed intricate API-based software for advanced video analysis, chrome extensions that teach you fun general knowledge and more. 

Each project is a testament to my love for combining technology with creativity to solve problems and enhance experiences.

I also extend my programming skills to client projects, helping to bring their visions to life. Whether it's developing an app, automating a process, or creating something entirely new, I approach each project with the same passion and precision that led to the success of the Latest Sightings app. For me, coding is not just a skill—it's a way to make ideas tangible and dreams a reality.

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